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ACTILITE Dressing Manuka Honey & Oil 5cm x 5cm CR4281 - 10

Stock Code: 3793759

Actilite are dressings made from non-sticky light viscose nets that are coated with manuka honey & oil. They are designed to protect all wounds such as cuts, burns, and ulcers etc allowing the fluids to drain out. Honey & oil are antibacterial ingredients that have proven to be effective against infections such as MRSA, VRE & Providencia Stuartii.

The Actilite is a single use product hence it should only be used on one person to avoid cross-contamination. The Actilite should be stored at room temperature, too cold can solidify the honey and too warm can melt it. If this happens, store the Actilite in the fridge to return to room temperature.

  • Dressing size - 5x5cm in a pack of 10.

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