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BLEPHASOL Lotion Sensitive Eyelids 100ml - 1

Stock Code: 3355120

Blephasol is a non-greasy cleansing formula intended to be used by patients who suffer from blepharitis - an inflammation of the eyelid margin. The lotion can be used twice daily to clean eyelids from oily debris and crusted lashes. There are no alcohol and preservatives contained, making it easy to use on sensitive skin as it does not cause further irritation to the eyes. Also, this means that the soothing effects of the pad can be left on the skin to settle as no rinsing is required.

The lotion removes impurities, makeup and dried secretions from the eyes without disrupting the skin around it. Also, including the outer layer of the epidermis that helps protect skin from the sun, cold and allergens etc. Economically, the lotion is more beneficial than wipes as it is eco-friendly and cost effective.

  • Suitable for contact lens wearers.

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