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HEDRIN Lotion 4% 50ml - 1

Stock Code: 3174166

Hedrin Lotion, also known as Hedrin 4, is used in the fast and effective treatment of head lice in adults and children. Friendly to the skin, Hedrin 4 Lotion is odourless and easy to use.

How do I use Hedrin Lotion?
- Apply evenly to dry hair and scalp - Let the lotion dry naturally and leave for a minimum of 8 hours or overnight. - Wash hair as normal 7 days later repeat the above process
- Depending on the length and thickness of the hair to be treated, you may need more than 1 bottle of Hedrin Lotion. - The active ingredient in Hedrin Lotion is Dimeticone 4% (a silicone oil).

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